tarjani_propicTarjani Shukla is currently a freshman at UT Dallas, pursuing a degree in Neuroscience and a minor in Public Health. She recently graduated from The Texas Academy of Math and Science (TAMS) at the University of North Texas. Currently, she is involved on the UTD campus as the Vice President of Public Advocacy for END7, an initiative to see the end of the seven neglected tropical diseases by 2020. Working through this organization to raise public awareness about serious issues regarding public health has taught her the importance of creating a global community and serving those who are less fortunate. Tarjani is also involved on campus as a part of the Freshmen Mentorship program and Service Chair for Alpha Epsilon Delta, a pre-health honor society. Through these programs and organizations, she has learned the importance of giving back and serving her nearby community. Also, she is an undergraduate research assistant for a molecular biology lab on campus. Tarjani serves as a volunteer high school teacher at Chinmaya Mission Dallas-Fort Worth and has helped lead and coordinate several camps since attending the Youth Empowerment Program, a two month residential course teaching foundational Vedanta, basic Sanskrit, and effective leadership qualities, during the summer of 2016. Tarjani would like to thank all of her teachers, professors, acharyas, and family for all that they have done for her and shaping her into the person that she is today. Ms. Shukla can be contacted at intern2@colormesafe.net.