“Gauthami was referred to me by an attorney that I had consulted who came to the conclusion that a lot of the issues that I was having in Family Law court was due to the judges not appreciating the fact that people from different cultural backgrounds (Asian-Indian in my case) have parenting styles different from the “norm” and were thus “punishing” a parent for being “too controlling” of the children, etc. When I connected with Gauthami, I realized that she had a pretty unique background – an Asian-Indian woman well versed in the cultures of the country of her origin as well the local cultural norms, someone who had worked at CPS and has the experience to tell where a child is being “abused” and where a parent is gaming the system to try to gain legal advantage in a custody battle by making baseless allegations of “abuse” (and deliberately alienating the children from the other parent in the process) and someone who is enterprising enough to leverage this background and experience to start her own business. I see Gauthami filling the need of educating judges and other legal personnel in the Dallas, Texas area, so that recent immigrants (especially from an Asian-Indian background) having different but just as valid cultural norms and parenting styles are treated fairly by the Family Law system – and I wish her the best in all her endeavors.”
“It’s been said parental alienation is the worst form of child abuse.  If you are experiencing this today, you know what it means to be a family in crisis.  You and your child need advocates!  You need support, guidance and answers!  You need Color Me SAFE!”
“We came to know about Color Me SAFE team through a referral and it is an amazing support group. We had a minor incident with our child at school and it was reported to CPS department by the school management. We were panicked that CPS would be taking our kid into their custody right away as that is what we have heard until then.  After contacting Color Me SAFE team we got the clear picture on how to deal with a CPS agent. Color Me SAFE patiently listened to our case and counseled us through the whole process on how to face the CPS and educated us on our rights. She took an extra effort to support and guide us during non-working hours and was available anytime of the day until our case is closed successfully without any issues. We sincerely thank Gauthami and her team for helping us during those difficult situations.”
“I would recommend Color Me SAFE to anyone, to everyone!  They are incredibly thorough and so passionate about what they do!  I can’t say enough kind things about them.  I really felt that they cared about our case. They called to check in with me multiple times, even after our case was finished.  We couldn’t be happier with their service!”
“Color Me SAFE is an invaluable resource. Gauthami Vemula was very professional, courteous and always followed up. Her knowledge and insight impressed both myself and my attorney. I would not hesitate to recommend Color Me SAFE to anyone who is dealing with Child Protective Services.”
“As a parent you do everything you can to protect your children. Last spring I got the most unfathomable phone call from my 5-year-old son’s preschool. Another parent made a claim that my son had inappropriately touched her daughter and the way the letter read, you would have thought he was a child molester. I went from shock to anger to “oh my” how do I protect my son. Fortunately, my sister told me about Color Me SAFE and I made the phone call. I was relieved after the initial phone-call on what the process for our family would be with Child Protective Services.  I then met with Ms. Vemula and she provided me with all the tools I needed to make sure our family and my son were protected. It was such an eye opener that in an instant someone could make an unfounded claim and then my son, his classmates, and our family is investigated by CPS. Thank you to Color Me SAFE for the help and support. You were a true blessing to our family.”
“I just wanted to say thank you for all of the time and help and effort that Gauthami put into to helping me when I had no where else to turn. I was under unjust attack from an angry ex husband who went to unbelievable lengths to try and ruin my life and the lives of my kids. Gauthami at Color Me SAFwas there to listen, direct me to the actual laws and rules, and gave me support and direction that helped me to navigate through this horrible process. The information she shared with me was invaluable and I am so appreciative of all she did to help me and my kids. I am sure that you don’t hear it enough, and I know that you all have very hard jobs. Thank you so much for all the work that you all do every day.”
“Color Me SAF(CMS) has been such a blessing since my initial contact with Child Protective Services. CMS has had to inform me of my rights since CPS has not done their job to inform my family of anything during investigation.  If it were not for CMS, I would have been completely lost throughout the process.  I am so thankful that a friend put me in touch with Gauthami from CMS.  Thanks to her I have had confidence during the overwhelming investigation by CPS.  CMS has worked hard on my case and given me and my family the help we have needed at a very difficult time.”
“I am very happy with the services of Color Me SAFE. Gauthami is very professional, understanding and very good at helping her clients. Her passion to protect children from abuse is commendable. She has a lot of patience and practices excellent follow-up. I recommend her services to each one of unfortunate families to get some peace of mind and support the most precious gift–children. It is obvious that domestic violence and child abuse is drastically increasing in the society. Services from Gauthami and Color Me SAFare extremely essential for the safety and well being of our children. Not only helping her own clients, she is educating the general public on many issues. Thanks a lot Gauthami and Color Me SAFE team for your commitment to the community.”
“When I was referred to Color Me SAFE I was scared and felt alone. I thought I had run out of options with my situation. I didn’t know who to trust or where to look for help. I went ahead and set up a meeting with a representative, and after that first meeting my hope had been restored! The knowledge that was shared with me was incredible! I felt that my case was important to them and that they took it personal and were willing to do everything and anything within their power to help… My experience with Color Me SAFE was very positive and I can only hope that others going through hard times with their family will reach out to them and see the many ways they can help!”
“We have nothing but positive things to say about Color Me SAFE. Gauthami Vemula recently helped us navigate a CPS case. She is truly knowledgeable about the how the system works, and she highlighted many things that our attorney missed. Not only did she provide us with her expertise in this field, but she is also took a genuine interest in our case and in us as individuals. She always responded to our emails and phone calls in a timely manner, and she periodically check in with us to see how things were evolving. Her professionalism and compassion cannot be matched. We will forever be grateful to her.”