Anna Howard, LCSW 

Clinical Advisor


Mrs. Howard was lucky in professional terms. She knew very early on that the Helping Profession was her true passion. A work-study opportunity mentoring young people in at risk situations assisted in understanding the complex dynamics that govern not only children but multicultural families in this day and age. This knowledge aided in her experience as a sexual abuse investigator for Child Protection Services (CPS). The exposure to severely fragmented families in the CPS realm inspired Mrs. Howard to pursue a more therapeutic approach to family preservation. Mrs. Howard holds a BSW from UT Arlington as well as a MSW from A&M Commerce. After committing to several years of intense therapeutic mentorship she was able to garner a Clinical licensure making her an LCSW. It was this therapeutic licensure that paved the way to extend clinical services to children and families. Family has always been a huge passion for Mrs. Howard. In her private time, she enjoys planning family gatherings and always tries to incorporate her two loving dogs. It was this passion for family that drove her to find the love of her life, Jonathan Howard. It was this same fidelity to the family structure that drove their bond. Family does not always consist of sharing a genetic bond. Sometimes it’s the people that have loved and supported you on your journey to being the person you are today. The definition of family is not monolithic and it is because of this that Anna champions the spirit of family and advocates for it relentlessly.