Color me SAFE was born from the immense need for professionals with an understanding of policy and procedure of child protection issues. Armed with years of experience and passion, we created a full-service consulting firm that could instill power and knowledge to those who need it.

We are the premier firm in North Texas. We tailor our services and products to fit your specific needs. We work diligently to ensure you receive unparalleled consultation as we collaborate with legal and medical professionals to ensure you receive the best guidance obtainable, at an affordable cost. Our #1 priority is to help protect your most valuable asset.

Our Team

  • Gauthami Vemula MS, MSE
    Gauthami Vemula MS, MSEFounder & President

    Ms. Vemula’s previous experience as a child abuse investigator and department manager at the Department of Child Protective Services has strongly made her aware of child abuse/neglect.

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  • Anna Maria Howard, LCSW
    Anna Maria Howard, LCSWCEO

    Mrs. Howard was lucky in professional terms. She knew very early on that the Helping Profession was her true passion.

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  • Jamie Colvert, LMSW
    Jamie Colvert, LMSWDirector of Home Study Operations

    Mrs. Colvert graduated from Baylor University in 1999 with an undergraduate degree in Family and Consumer Science.

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  • Heather Beschizza
    Heather BeschizzaSocial Media Project Manager

    After receiving her BS in education, Mrs. Beschizza moved to England where she worked as a teachers aid at a special needs school.

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  • Padma Mana
    Padma ManaSenior Intern

    Padma coordinates marketing and is working to build a curriculum on bullying at Color me SAFE.

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  • Tarjani Shukla
    Tarjani ShuklaIntern

    Tarjani Shukla is currently a freshman at UT Dallas, pursuing a degree in Neuroscience and a minor in Public Health.

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