Child Welfare Consulting

Consulting regarding Child Protective Services

Assisting families and attorney’s in navigating the CPS landscape by providing 30 years of CPS frontline and supervisory experience.

We know that dealing with CPS can be an intimidating process. Many people don’t know how CPS works and what the administrative processes are to effectively get things done. More importantly, people don’t know their rights and the legal landscape attached to CPS intervention. At Color me SAFE, we have all the resources and information necessary to guide you through their process. We make sure you are always in the know with what is going on and ensure your situation is being handled.

Providing guidance and solutions on policies and procedures of CPS Investigations and Conservatorship cases in Texas.

In CPS cases, a great deal of emphasis is put on following protocol because investigating these delicate matters effectively requires a strong commitment from government workers to uphold nationwide CPS standards with result-backed methods. Many families are caught off-guard and unable to cope with the increasing legal regulations and their family’s unsure future, especially in emotionally strenuous conservatorship cases. Blending passion with knowledge, we offer a helping hand to help tread the unknown legal framework and support family cases with our brand’s solution oriented approach.

Providing expertise into CPS cases, which involve situations of domestic violence.

Affecting people of all genders and ages, domestic violence can be a complex problem to deal with. Many times police walk into a domestic violence situation at the wrong moment making a victim look like an instigator. This can make CPS cases harder to investigate, and the victims involved may not know how to explain their side of the story to authorities. Color me SAFE uses its experience with thousands of cases to make sure your story is heard.

Provide expert testimony in CPS Investigations and Conservatorship cases.

When dealing with CPS and conservatorship cases, there are many subtleties that can affect the case, or details required that you may not know how to provide. Being knowledgeable in all the specifics of your situation often requires experience in various areas. This is why credibility is necessary to make ground in CPS investigations. Color me SAFE offers expert testimony to give you backing from a professional when medical or psychological assessment is needed or when an authoritative opinion is necessary. By bringing on the judgement of an expert, we give you the backing you need in your case.