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"I went through Britany and Gauthami's Color me SAFE parenting strategies course and it has completely changed my relationship with my children's mother.  My ex-wife had been difficult and been breaking court orders regarding possession times during the divorce process. However, the communications strategies and the parenting development techniques that Britany taught me have been invaluable in constructively rebuilding parenting relationships. I highly recommend the Color me SAFE services in any situation you may find yourself in with regards to your children."

-CMS Client


"I got to contact Gauthami's Color me SAFE though a friend. We were in a situation where we were looking for a person with no vested interest. Gauthami and her team were very helpful and available right away throughout this case. I would recommend them to any family or person who is looking for help during a family crisis."

-CMS Client

"My family received a call from a CPS case worker out of the blue earlier this month. I was terrified and had no idea what to do. I contacted a family law attorney that had created last will & testaments for my husband and I several years ago. One of his suggestions was to contact Color me SAFE. After reading everything on their website, I was anxious that I would not be able to speak with Ms. Vemula who is the CEO before our family meeting with the case worker the following morning. I contacted Ms. Vemula after 4PM and the website says that they will be in touch within 24 hours of first contact. After a couple of texts back and forth, Ms. Vemula was able to call me about an hour later. I was panicked and fighting tears, not knowing what to expect. I honestly did not believe we were in any danger of having our children removed from the home, but some of our children were terrified, which did not help my emotions. After Ms. Vemula explained what to expect and some of the possibilities of how the meeting might go, I felt less anxious and fearful. The emotions didn’t go away completely, but I felt much calmer. I followed all of Ms. Vemula’s recommendations and I felt like everything went as smoothly as it possibly could have. Ms. Vemula has a passion for helping families and children. She answered so many texts with questions over the next few weeks, even when on vacation. Her fee is very reasonable. Her wealth of knowledge and the way she treats people with kindness and respect and is so positive, is something you cannot put a price tag on. I am so thankful that she was recommended in our situation. I feel like because we followed all of her recommendations, our case has been submitted to be closed in a timely manner. If you are ever falsely accused and have to meet with CPS, I highly recommend consulting with Ms. Vemula first, if at all possible. I have passed her information on to several counselors we are dealing with and would pass it on if I knew of anyone going through the nightmare of an investigation. Thank you a million times over, Ms. Vemula. You truly are a blessing to my family.

-CMS Client

"I was the alleged perpetrator in a CPS investigation and was caught by complete surprise. Having never worked with CPS before, I had considerable anxiety, fear and did not know what to expect. Color me SAFE met with me the same day I reached out and equipped me with the information to be as prepared as possible. They played a critical role in getting the best possible outcome for my situation."

- CMS Client


"Thank you to the Color me SAFE team for helping me out. I had sleepless nights and was so worried before speaking to Color me SAFE after Child Protective services came into my life. They assured me my child will not be taken away. Just those words helped me all the way until my case was closed. Color me SAFE was always there when I had questions about my case and how to get status updates on the case as my caseworker was not responding to any of my emails and calls. Thank you Color me SAFE."

- CMS Client 

“For the past twenty-five years Daya has been serving Survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse in Houston and surrounding areas. Daya's mission is to empower South Asian survivors of domestic and sexual violence through culturally specific services and to educate the community in an effort to end the cycle of abuse.

Domestic violence is all about power and control. We see this day in and day out that our Survivors face in Daya. This is more significant when they have children. Abusers use the children as a pawn to control the Victim/Survivor. We need to educate our Survivors on issues when children are involved in a legal battle. In doing so we need that expert advice. Color me SAFE has been that "knight in shining armor" for Daya clients. We value our partnership and look forward to continuing working with Color me SAFE. We heard many Survivors who had been assisted by Color me SAFE say, "It was transformative for me as I learnt a lot which otherwise, I would not have known".

-Nusrat Ameen, PhD |Senior Director


Gauthami and the Color Me SAFE team continuously provide exceptional service and professionalism whenever I am needing assistance with CPS matters. Gauthami and her team go above and beyond to provide education and guidance to me, so I can be a better South Asian Licensed Professional Counselor Associate to my clients. It is a privilege and honor calling Gauthami and Color Me SAFE a partner to break down the unique barriers and stigma associated with trauma and abuse in the South Asian community. Whenever we refer Chetna clients to Gauthami and her team, they are always quick to respond to our calls and they work so efficiently with our clients. Gauthami has created an agency that serves our community in such an important way. As a South Asian therapist, I am proud to call Gauthami a friend, mentor, role model, and community partner. Thank you Gauthami for being a true trailblazer! 
- Bhavika Parmar, M.A., NCC, LPC Associate 
Domestic Violence Counselor 

I met Gauthami and Britany during a time when I needed an advocate regarding a CPS case. Within a few short mins of my first meeting with them, I realized that not only were they knowledgeable advocates, but I should have hired them from the beginning (hind-sight)! My particular cps case was highly complicated, however, Gauthami and Britany were the very best people to handle it. They are highly qualified, resourceful, smart, tenacious and I would not have wanted anyone else by my side during this difficult time! They are simply the BEST! My CPS case was ruled out and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results of my consultation and guidance.  Color Me Safe has incredible passions for taking care of their clients. Thank you!

– CMS Client

"I am very happy with the services of Color me SAFE. Gauthami is very professional, understanding and very good at helping her clients. Her passion to protect children from abuse is commendable. She has lot of patience and practices excellent follow- up. I recommend her services to each one of the unfortunate families to get some peace of mind and support the most precious gift- children. It is obvious that domestic violence and child abuse is drastically increasing in the society. Services from Gauthami and the Color me SAFE team are extremely essential for the safety and well-being of our children. Not only helping her own client, she is educating the general public on many issues. Thanks a lot Gauthami and Color me SAFE team for your commitment to the community."

-CMS Client 

"I just wanted to say thank you for all of the time and help and effort that Gauthami put into helping me when I had nowhere else to turn. I was under attack from an angry ex-husband who went to unbelievable lengths to try and ruin my life and the lives of my kids. Gauthami at Color me SAFE was there to listen, direct me to the actual laws and rules, and gave me support and direction that helped me navigate through this horrible process. The information she shared with me was invaluable and I am so appreciative of all she did to help me and my kids. I am sure that you don't hear it enough, and I know that you all have very hard jobs. Thank you so much for all the work that you all do every day." 

-CMS Client 

"Being an alienated parent is a terrible, horrible experience because it is the time when your world is torn down. And you are ignored, blamed and left alone in this nightmare. It is the moment when you need all the help, support and resources in the world to bring your world back to the normal state and Color me SAFE is the place to go. And I am very grateful to Gauthami and Britany of Color me SAFE and give them the highest regards for the services they offer when dealing with CPS. We were recommended to Color me SAFE by a very kind lady from the Indian Association of North Texas (IANT). I shudder to think what would have happened to my family without the invaluable guidance and support from Color me SAFE.

 We were unfortunate to have our 3 months old baby taken away by CPS. With Gauthami and Britany's extensive knowledge of the protocols and working with CPS, she has helped us through a long and arduous process with professionalism, concern for our child’s best interests and has always responded quickly when I’ve needed her. It took us 6 months to get the baby back from CPS and Color me SAFE has helped us all along. Currently my child is living with my wife but Color me SAFE is a beacon that gives me a glimmer of hope that I, someday, will be reunited with my wife and my son. Although it was a long and stormy days of our lives but Gauthami and Britany have done everything possible and more to help us fight this battle. Thank you for all you have done for us and for the community. It is not possible to put a value on what you have done to help us."

- CMS Client

“I wish I consulted with Color me SAFE  from day 1 with my CPS case. The time, energy and sanity spent with handling my daughter’s CPS case alone has cost her and me dearly. Precious time that only a miracle can give us back. In just a few short weeks while speaking with Color me SAFE , mountains have begun to shake! Their knowledge of successful navigation practices through the entangled CPS system has already given me and my daughter a voice! Color me SAFE patiently listened to my complicated CPS case during a consult. They’ve provided me verbiage and websites to confront CPS with confidence. Late hours and long phone conversations have been given to which I am forever grateful. I’ve already passed Color me SAFE ’s contact information on to women in my mother support group as well divorcing parents encountering parent alienation. Color me SAFE is doing important needed work in parent & children’s lives. The mountain is about to be removed in my life because of Color me SAFE ’s involvement! Thank You!”

- CMS Client

“I have been living in a family environment where I was constantly put through isolation, humiliation, name calling and non-stop threats and worst of all was alienated from my child. As an addition to the harassment: CPS report was filed against me. The day CPS worker arrived to interview me and provided a safety plan, I was in complete shock and terrified to the core as for the first time in my life I was being put through such accusations. I was overwhelmed with fear that these allegations will make me lose my child forever. Considering, I am foreign citizen, I had no idea about CPS and it’s process. I was completely clueless as to what should be my next action plan. I was so terrified of losing my child and the shame of being accused, that I was not even able to present the facts in the right way to CPS case worker. Thankfully, Daya (NGO) recommended that I should reach out to ‘Color me SAFE ’ agency. They mentioned that they help families who are struck in such cases and ensure the child welfare. Right from day one, Color me SAFE  team showed immense kindness and offered much required support while educating me about my rights and the whole process. I am so thankful to them for helping me come to terms with what the case was about, understanding each step and process with immense patience. Their consideration, expertise and constant support helped me navigate this deep dark tunnel.  This helped me cooperate better with CPS case worker and present case facts efficiently. I cannot thank them enough for the patience they have shown through this process especially for responding back to my panicked queries, emails and texts even during non-working hours with utmost patience. Gauthami and Britany helped me understand the relevance of Family Based Meeting and it further helped me represent my case better.  Throughout the case, this team continued to advocate for the best interests of my child. Throughout the process, they continued to check on me multiple times. I cannot thank them enough for guiding me through the darkness.

Even when the case has been ruled out and CPS investigation has been closed, Color me SAFE  continues to support me navigate this tough time in my life by conducting parenting classes. Their sessions are helping me improve my skill sets as a parent and operate more efficiently in spite of the environmental stressors. Color me SAFE  team has gone out of their way to support me and my child in trying to leave this traumatic episode behind. I would strongly recommend any other parent /family who has been in my position to please reach out to color me safe and take the required guidance.”

-CMS Client

- CMS Client

"We first contacted Color Me SAFE through a referral that was provided to us. We needed a resource that knew how to navigate the intricacies of the CPS system. Our family has never been exposed to anything like having CPS called. But when we spoke to the team and staff at Color Me SAFE, they just gave us such peace and confidence that all would be well. The meetings, investigation and all we had to endure was indeed a process. However, the staff at Color Me SAFE was such strength for us. They attended the family meetings and have provided such coping and parenting strategies far past the initial consultation.We would recommend this consulting service to anyone that needs training, support, and family crisis management. You won't regret it!" 
- CMS Client 

“It's been said parental alienation is the worst form of child abuse.  If you are experiencing this today, you know what it means to be a family in crisis.  You and your child need advocates!  You need support, guidance and answers!  You need Color me SAFE !”

-Timothy T.

“We came to know about Color Me SAFE team through a referral and it is an amazing support group. We had a minor incident with our child at school and it was reported to CPS department by the school management. We were panicked that CPS would be taking our kid into their custody right away as that is what we have heard until then.  After contacting Color Me SAFE team we got the clear picture on how to deal with a CPS agent. Color Me Safe patiently listened to our case and counseled us through the whole process on how to face the CPS and educated us on our rights. She took an extra effort to support and guide us during non-working hours and was available anytime of the day until our case is closed successfully without any issues. We sincerely thank Gauthami and her team for helping us during those difficult situations.”

- CMS Client 

“As a parent you do everything you can to protect your children. Last spring I got the most unfathomable phone call from my 5-year-old son's preschool. Another parent made a claim that my son had inappropriately touched her daughter and the way the letter read, you would have thought he was a child molester. I went from shock to anger to "oh my" how do I protect my son. Fortunately, my sister told me about Color me SAFE and I made the phone call. I was relieved after the initial phone-call on what the process for our family would be with Child Protective Services.  I then met with Ms. Vemula and she provided me with all the tools I needed to make sure our family and my son were protected. It was such an eye opener that in an instant someone could make an unfounded claim and then my son, his classmates, and our family was investigated by CPS. Thank you to Color me SAFE for the help and support. You were a true blessing to our family.”

- CMS Client 


"When I was referred to Color me SAFE I was scared and felt alone. I thought I had run out of options with my situation. I didn't know who to trust or where to look for help. I went ahead and set up a meeting with a representative, and after that first meeting my hope and had been restored! The knowledge that was share with me was incredible! I felt that my case was important to them and they took it personal and were willing to do everything and anything within their power to help... my experience with Color me SAFE was very positive and I can only hope that others going through hard times with their family will reach out to them and see the many ways they can help!" 

- Holly B. 


"I turned to Color me SAFE when my family was in a serious crisis with our son due to his mental health issues, and I received invaluable help and guidance from Gauthami during those hard times.

Our son was adopted at an older age and has a history of abuse and neglect.  While he received ongoing counseling, his mental health deteriorated steadily and got more and more out of control.  It came a point where his behaviors posed severe safety concerns to himself and to others.

I realized that when you are the parent of a child who poses such safety concerns, you will get harshly judged by some people who have no understanding or relevant experience.  You are on the losing end, no matter what:  If you successfully manage to prevent the child from causing harm, some people will think that you are “paranoid”, “making things up” or “overly strict” and may even contact Child Protective Services (CPS).  If even despite tight supervision, your child manages to cause harm, then a referral will be made to CPS, you may be accused or “lack of supervision”, and in a worse-case scenario CPS could break up your family.

I realized that it was time to contact Color me SAFE as a pre-emptive strike, to be prepared.  It took many months to finally find a long-term treatment setting for my son.  During those months, two CPS referrals were made: One referral was made by a “concerned friend” who claimed that I was “paranoid” and damaging my son because I was “too strict” with him, and another referral was made by school alleging “lack of supervision”.  Both referrals were closed immediately by CPS, after interacting with them as Color me SAFE  had guided us.  Gauthami supported my family during all those months, providing us with her in-depth expertise, guided us in each step on the way, and told us how to best interact with CPS.  She always responded to our phone calls and emails in a timely manner, she was caring and compassionate and was there for us in our time of deepest crisis.

As mentioned above, when you have a child whose behaviors pose significant safety concerns, you find yourself in a very precarious situation.  Many parents in such situations become paralyzed with fear of CPS involvement, which can reach a point to where it compromises their ability to seek out help.  If you are in such a situation, I recommend you contact Color me SAFE and get help.  They will guide you, assist you navigating the CPS system, and help you ensure the safety and integrity of your family."

- CMS Client

"I had the good fortune to become acquainted with Gauthami Vemula many years ago in the course of serving on a board with her.  Since that time, Ms. Vemula and Color me SAFE have been an invaluable asset to call on when family violence issues arise in my clients’ cases.

Gauthami’s vast experience with Child Protective Services and knowledge of the dynamics at play in domestic violence matters is an opinion I can rely on when a quick decision must be made about something being family violence or not, so that I am better able to advise my clients and reach a decision about which direction to develop a case.

Several years ago, Ms. Vemula’s team made a presentation to my prior law firm concerning family violence, CPS and other related issues that typically arise in the type of family law cases we all handle in our practices.  Color me SAFE provided us all with resources for victims of family violence and precautions our clients could take when they had been harmed.

I highly recommend Ms. Vemula and Color me SAFE."

- Lisa S. Zahn, Board Certified – Family Law Texas Board of Legal Specialization

“I give Gauthami Vemula of Color me SAFE the highest regard for the services she offers when dealing with CPS. With her extensive knowledge of the protocols and working of CPS, she has helped us through a long and arduous process with professionalism, concern for our and children’s best interests and has always responded quickly when I’ve needed her. I would say, don’t deal with CPS without this organization as a resource.”

- CMS Client

“We have nothing but positive things to say about Color me SAFE. Gauthami Vemula recently helped us navigate a CPS case. She is truly knowledgeable about the how the system works, and she highlighted many things that our attorney missed. Not only did she provide us with her expertise in this field, but she is also took a genuine interest in our case and in us as individuals. She always responded to our emails and phone calls in a timely manner, and she periodically check in with us to see how things were evolving. Her professionalism and compassion cannot be matched. We will forever be grateful to her.”

- CMS Client

“Color me SAFE has been such a blessing since my initial contact with Child Protective Services.  CMS has had to inform me of my rights since CPS has not done their job to inform my family of anything during investigation.  If it were not for CMS, I would have been completely lost throughout the process.  I am so thankful that a friend put me in touch with Gauthami from CMS.  Thanks to her I have had confidence during the overwhelming investigation by CPS. CMS has worked hard on my case and given me and my family the help we have needed at a very difficult time.”

- CMS Client

“I would recommend Color me SAFE to anyone, to everyone!  They are incredibly thorough and so passionate about what they do!  I can’t say enough kind things about them.  I really felt that they cared about our case. They called to check in with me multiple times, even after our case was finished.  We couldn’t be happier with their service!”

- CMS Client

“Color me SAFE is an invaluable resource. Gauthami Vemula was very professional, courteous and always followed up. Her knowledge and insight impressed both myself and my attorney. I would not hesitate to recommend Color me SAFE to anyone who is dealing with Child Protective Services.”

- CMS Client

"We – Tasneem Rajan, Program Manager; and Tulsi Naik, Client Advocate – are writing this testimonial letter, on behalf of CHETNA, for Ms. Gauthami Vemula and Ms. Anna Howard of Color me SAFE. CHETNA is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization which serves and supports victims of domestic violence and abuse through case management, referrals, and community outreach. These services are being provided to victims mainly from the South-Asian community in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Color me SAFE is a wonderful organization – a family crisis management consulting firm – serving the Greater Dallas area, led by Ms. Gauthami Vemula (Founder) and Ms. Anna Howard (Chief Executive Officer). Their mission is, “to assist families of the Greater Dallas area by offering guidance and solutions in child protection issues.” As a collective, Color me SAFE staff have over twenty-one years’ experience protecting children in the state of Texas.

We, at CHETNA, are very pleased with the partnership we have with Color me SAFE, to better serve our clients. On multiple occasions, we have referred clients of ours (involved in CPS cases – Child Protective Services ) to Color me SAFE, so that they may consult with staff there: to gain insight into what actions they might be able to take, what their rights are, what questions they may ask, and what to expect of the overall CPS investigative process.

We have found Ms. Vemula’s and Ms. Howard’s approach to consultation to be very effective and very helpful to our clients, and CHETNA, are very appreciative of their diligent assistance in guiding our clients through the CPS system. One of the clients previously helped by Ms. Vemula said that: “she was very knowledgeable, and quite nice, which really helped me to handle these things”. The client went on to say that Ms. Vemula had provided a lot of helpful guidance, and had even spoken to CPS on her behalf. The client said she was given useful tips and tools, to help her throughout her CPS investigation.

Color me SAFE staff have gone above and beyond, by visiting referred clients at their homes, and advising them in-person about Protective Orders and Family Based Safety Services. Color me SAFE staff have also written up specific, important questions – on individual, case by case basis – for referred clients to ask the CPS agent assigned to their case, in order to then determine appropriate next steps. Another CHETNA client mentioned that Ms. Vemula was: “very positive, had a positive attitude, was quite knowledgeable, listened to me and understood my situation and responded accordingly. She was very supportive, and gave me good advice.”

Ms. Vemula and Ms. Howard are also prompt to answer calls from CHETNA staff, and are always ready to provide thoughtful insight and professional advice. They are warm-natured and have friendly personalities, and kind hearts: ever humble and always so dedicated and committed to the safety and well-being of their clients and their children (including CHETNA clients referred to them).

Color me SAFE has gone the extra mile to formulate a guide of screening questions for CHETNA staff to utilize, when serving clients involved with CPS. Color me SAFE is very conscious of getting involved with the community at large, and actively takes part in various other community/charitable organizations and events.

Ms. Vemula herself regularly attends and supports CHETNA’s annual, fundraising Galas. She came out earlier this year to volunteer at an event CHETNA was involved in (through the US Indian Chamber of Commerce), at the local Salvation Army shelter. It was a lovely morning, spent painting the new store the shelter had built for their residents: so they may shop for donated clothes and other household items.

All-in-all Color me SAFE, and its staff, are an invaluable asset to the Dallas community, (and to CHETNA). Ms. Vemula and Ms. Howard bring a lot of extensive experience, valuable knowledge, compassion and care to their work. We, at CHETNA, greatly revere their generous, caring attitudes, compassionate nature, and dedication to such noble work!

Tasneem Rajan
Program Manager, CHETNA

Tulsi Naik
Client Advocate, CHETNA

"I am very happy with the services of Color me SAFE . Gauthami is very professional, understanding and very good at helping her clients. Her passion to protect children from abuse is commendable. She has a lot of patience and practices excellent follow-up. I recommend her services to each one of unfortunate families to get some peace of mind and support the most precious gift--children. It is obvious that domestic violence and child abuse is drastically increasing in the society. Services from Gauthami and Color me SAFE  are extremely essential for the safety and well being of our children. Not only helping her own clients, she is educating the general public on many issues. Thanks a lot Gauthami and Color me SAFE team for your commitment to the community. "

- CMS Client

“We were recommended to contact Color me SAFE by our attorneys during a lengthy adoption/CPS legal battle. (My initial thought was what else could they do, that our attorneys have not done already?) However, once we met with Gauthami she provided her knowledge and insight based on her experience within CPS. My husband and I left our first meeting feeling more hopeful and with new direction and guidance. Having the resources of good attorneys, in conjunction with Color me SAFE has made all the difference in how we’ve been moving forward. I only wish we would have consulted with Color me SAFE years ago when we began this journey, but we never knew such a group existed. Color me SAFE, truly has family and the protection of children, at the core of their mission, and they operate ethically. If you’re dealing with CPS or DFPS it’s imperative that you have someone in your corner who is familiar with the convoluted system, such as Color me SAFE. It’s made all the difference.”

- CMS Client

“I give Gauthami Vemula of Color me SAFE the highest regard for the services she offers when dealing with CPS. With her extensive knowledge of the protocols and working of CPS, she has helped us through a long and arduous process with professionalism, concern for our and children’s best interests and has always responded quickly when I’ve needed her. I would say, don’t deal with CPS without this organization as a resource.”

- CMS Client

“I met Gauthami at a work function where she first discussed how she helped individuals and couples dealing with Child Protective Services. At that initial meeting, I saw and learned how educated and knowledgeable Gauthami is on the subject of CPS and how to deal with CPS. She left me with a distinct and impactful impression.

Since that time, she has helped me and others on multiple cases, and I have found her services not only very fairly priced but incredibly helpful. I've see how she personally gets involved with her clients and goes beyond what is required to help her clients and "fight the good fight." Not only did she exhibit trustworthiness, reliability, and skill, but she is always very kind and understanding with her clients. I would recommend her to anyone I knew going through a custody battle where CPS was involved or if they were having to deal with CPS directly. She is simply the best at what she does.”

Brandon Rasley
Attorney at Rasley Law Group, PLLC

“ With her background and experience, Gauthami and her company Color me SAFE is exactly what I, as a family attorney, need to represent some of my clients. She is highly knowledgeable in child abuse and prevention, as well as the policies, procedures and practices of the Department of Family and Protective Services, CPS Division. The expertise is invaluable in a system where the courts, attorneys and families involved need guidance with a process that is not always consistent or clear and with an issue that is complicated and emotional. When I need an expert in the areas of child abuse and CPS, Gauthami and Color me SAFE are my go-to resource and experts.”

Melissa Thrailkill
Family Law, Small Business, Copyright & Trademark, Music and Film . . . Let's Connect!

“Color me SAFE  and Gauthami Vemula was very professional, courteous and practiced nothing but compassion. Their knowledge of the child welfare system not only impressed myself and my legal team, but my family.  I would  recommend Color me SAFE to anyone who is dealing with Child Protective Services or anyone working in child-welfare.”

- CMS Client

“ Gauthami Vemula provides the perfect combination of expertise in addressing family crisis and abuse issues and providing compassionate leadership to the community at large. I’m thrilled to be supporting her in her new business venture and look forward to continuing to celebrate her many successes.”

Bhaveeni Parmar
General Counsel at Tabletop Media LLC dba Ziosk

“Gauthami was referred to me by an attorney that I had consulted who came to the conclusion that a lot of the issues that I was having in Family Law court was due to the judges not appreciating the fact that people from different cultural backgrounds (Asian-Indian in my case) have parenting styles different from the “norm” and were thus “punishing” a parent for being “too controlling” of the children, etc.

When I connected with Gauthami, I realized that she had a pretty unique background – an Asian-Indian woman well versed in the cultures of the country of her origin as well the local cultural norms, someone who had worked at CPS and has the experience to tell where a child is being “abused” and where a parent is gaming the system to try to gain legal advantage in a custody battle by making baseless allegations of “abuse” (and deliberately alienating the children from the other parent in the process) and someone who is enterprising enough to leverage this background and experience to start her own business.

I see Gauthami filling the need of educating judges and other legal personnel in the Dallas, Texas area, so that recent immigrants (especially from an Asian-Indian background) having different but just as valid cultural norms and parenting styles are treated fairly by the Family Law system – and I wish her the best in all her endeavors.”

- CMS Client

“ We have nothing but positive things to say about Color me SAFE. Gauthami Vemula recently helped us navigate a CPS case. She is truly knowledgeable about the how the system works, and she highlighted many things that our attorney missed. Not only did she provide us with her expertise in this field, but she is also took a genuine interest in our case and in us as individuals. She always responded to our emails and phone calls in a timely manner, and she periodically check in with us to see how things were evolving. Her professionalism and compassion cannot be matched. We will forever be grateful to her.”

- CMS Client

“ I can say that there isn’t another consulting firm anywhere that cares for children more than Color me SAFE . The commitment that Gauthami and her team bring to situations is unique and tailored to each individual case. Their expertise and knowledge allows them to navigate what is uncharted waters for most of us. Knowing that Color me SAFE (CMS) is dedicated 100% to the protection and well being of the children, and helping families through the most difficult and seemly impossible times, is what makes them a special place. When you need to count on someone but know who you can trust, trust Color me SAFE .

- Brian Gaylean (Director, Collaborator)