Parenting & Co-Parenting Support & Solutions

Empowering parents in providing a loving and safe transition.

Encouraging collaboration between parents sharing custody of their children.

The separation of parents in a family can be an emotional process. Many times parents are afraid and unsure of what is going to happen to their child after splitting up. Making decisions related to custody, or visitation can be complicated. This can lead to disagreement, anger, resentment, and sometimes violence. The important thing is to foster an environment of agreement that is healthy for the child. Color me SAFE offers guidance when establishing agreements for co-parenting such as scheduling, schooling, finances, and more.

Giving children a reprieve from the “push and pull” of custody/visitation disputes.

Confronting a CPS case brings additional pressure to an often already fragile family setting. It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults. How successfully and smoothly families go through the mending process can make or break them. Parental disputes can lead to feelings of insecurity and loneliness in children, feelings which are often noticed too late. At Color Me SAFE, our team leaves no child’s future up to fate, imbuing the big picture, children’s welfare and well-being, to every step of the process.

Relieving children the burden of “choosing” one parent over another.

The change in family dynamics that comes with parental separation opens younger children up to a redefinition of their family conceptions. This predisposes them to being easily influenced by their parents. Many might feel caught between their parents as they adjust to two homes, sets of rules, and families. Children may want to please their parents, others might feel some resentment, but what children really need and want is to stay out of their parents’ conflicts and to maintain healthy and strong relationships with both. At Color me SAFE, we help make this decision feel like a natural adjustment rather than a difficult choice for the child.

Empowering families to provide healthy and a safe home with each parent.

Our team offers you first step and long-term family planning solutions, with the goal of bolstering children’s self-esteem through parent cooperation for greater security and belonging. Keeping family values strong with successful educational planning, regular family activities, and open two-way communication, give single parents confidence in the new life they are building. This positive relationship serves as a role model for their children to follow when developing relationships. At Color Me SAFE we see the importance of giving your family a motivating story, and view this separation as an opportunity for each parent to build a better, warm family household.