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Child Welfare Consulting

Annually, hundreds of thousands of children suffer from abuse and neglect. Child welfare organizations are at the forefront of addressing this issue, and ensure these children are taken care of. Color me SAFE offers in depth consulting services to the community to make sure that children and families get the help they need to live a good life. As experts in our field, we give you the support you need to make positive change.

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Parenting & Co-Parenting Support & Solutions

Being a parent is no simple task, and often requires people to adapt their lifestyle. Children live through major life changes with you, such as new jobs, moving, personal crisis, divorce and more. All these situations can put a child under a significant amount of stress. Color Me SAFE uses its experts to offer comprehensive parenting and co-parenting support and solutions to ensure  children lives in a healthy environment that promotes growth.

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In-Home Monitoring & Prevention

Your family’s safety is our primary concern. Many times situations can occur at home that creates an unsafe environment for children and other family members. Whether it takes the form of physical, verbal, or psychological abuse, Color me SAFE ‘s in-home monitoring is used to prevent any dangerous situations from occurring.

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Community Engagement & Education

1 in 4 children graduate from high school late due to instability at home. Often times children cannot focus on school or have trouble settling down because of constant moving. These children do not feel like they can connect to their communities. This is why Color me SAFE connects child welfare to the community and provides support children need to succeed. Color me SAFE also identifies community engagement activities that are easy to take part in to help develop a sense of belonging for your child.

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