Happy World Children’s Day from Color me SAFE

As we all hunker down for a smaller and more intimate holiday season, we at Color Me SAFE are most grateful for the children and families we help. Children are at the center of what we do. Making a family, community and society that is safe and healthy for them. We also think of the children who have overcome formidable barriers. Children overcoming adverse living conditions and obstacles to become our leaders and caregivers. Children who grow to become strong adults in our community, doctors, nurses, frontline warriors fighting COVID, caring for the sick and vulnerable, teachers educating and inspiring the next generation of activists and changemakers, mothers and fathers who have recently had to take on all of the aforementioned roles while families are isolating.

Our children become activists like Malala Yousafzai and Greta Thunberg, children’s advocates like Marian Wright Edelman, writers like Toni Morrison, judges like the beloved Ruth Bader Ginsburg, talented athletes and philanthropists like Stephen Curry, entertainers like Beyonce Knowles and great minds like the late Stephen Hawking. The question we as adults should ask is not, how these individuals became the greats that they are, but who helped them get there?

Many know the name of Helen Keller, the deaf blind girl who grew up to be a speaker and advocate for the disabled at the turn of the 20th century. Far fewer remember the name of Anne Sullivan, the teacher who worked with Helen Keller from her childhood in 1817 and remained with her until she died in 1936. We at Color me SAFE feel this is our calling – to be that support in the background for families. The families that will then develop the children who will grow to be great leaders, minds, advocates, philanthropists, entertainers, educators and protectors for their families, communities, nations, and the world. Let us honor our responsibility to ensure that all children continue to flourish and thrive around the world! Our legacy is to leave our children a brighter future! Happy W🌍rld Children’s Day from all of us at Color me SAFE! #WorldChildrensDay